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Thread: 1000 yard range shooting with a .25-06

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    1000 yard range shooting with a .25-06

    Can I use a .25-06 for 1000 yard target shooting? I'm new to paper punching but I've joined a club and I'm really getting a taste for it. The only suitable rifle I have is a heavy barrelled .222. It does very well out to 300 yards, 400 on a still day, but there are quite a few shoots at Bisley and other ranges where the shooting is 600 yards and above which lets me out. My .308 is an m595 which I absolutely do not want to lose as a general stalking rifle, but its no target tool and I'm sure my FEO isn't going to let me have a second .308 just for the range. But I might have more justification for a .25-06. A long heavy barrelled varminter, probably a custom, would make an excellent vehicle based foxer and it would be ideal for the high seat munty shooting I do on my brother's farm. But would it be any good for 1000 yards? Does it carry enough weight to remain stable at that range, and can a hunting rifle ever make a useful long range target rifle or is it a compromise too far?

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    Why can't you have another .308? Used for two different things no problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Why can't you have another .308? Used for two different things no problem!
    Me too. At one time I had 2 .308s and 2 .243s.
    One can be heavy barrelled for high seat and range work and sporters for general sporting activities.

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    If you are a member of a target shooting club then you have good reason to have a second 308.
    I have both a 308 and a 25-06 and I would say the 308 would be my choise for long range target as there is so much data on it, more bullet availability and cheeper to run


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    Fair enough. I guess I could put in for a second .308 then, but to be honest I quite fancy a serious .25-06 varminter and I wondered how it would cut the mustard at long range. I take your point about cost. You don't half rattle through the ammo especially on practice days.

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    surely unless you want to enter a specific competition you can use anything to shoot targets at 100yds
    25-06 will do the job in the right hands as much as anything else

    as for not being allowed another one in the same calibre I don't think there is any justification for the restriction.
    a 308 in target form with a huge hubble telescope and weighing 15lbs is no stalking tool

    get what you want

    ​(as an aside i use the same case in .270 at the range, not a huge choice of bullets but 135gr SMK is just fine)

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    You may struggle to find a suitable Bullet for the 25-06 for Targets out to 1k yards. Berger have discontinued the 115 VLD Match Bullet. As far as i am aware that leaves only the 100 Grain Sierra Matchking. Not the most Barrel friendly Cartridge either if that is an issue to you.
    Do not discount the 30-06 for 1k Target Shooting. German Salazar published his findings that showed it lost nothing to the 308 past 600 yards.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkie View Post
    .....................Berger have discontinued the 115 VLD Match Bullet.

    Yes but they still make the 115gr Match Hunting VLD which i am reliably informed is the same bullet.


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    I'd have thought a 25-06 would make a pretty good F-Class rifle for out to 1000 yards provided it gets the right fodder.
    Check on the bullet weights for something sensible and make sure the rate of twist on anything you get is fast enough.
    And whilst Berger might have discontinued some bullets for now there's a lot still lurking in the UK. I've just acquired 1000 "discontinued" 17 bullets...there were 2500 more kicking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    Yes but they still make the 115gr Match Hunting VLD which i am reliably informed is the same bullet.

    You are correct mate but i could not suggest the OP uses a Hunting VLD for Target Shooting even though they are the same. Silly i know but thats the Law for you. If your 25cal comes in an Orange Box you cant shoot targets but in a yellow box you can .


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