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Thread: Parker hale picatinny rail?

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    Parker hale picatinny rail?

    Hi does any one here know were I can buy a picatinny rail for a parker hale long action rifle?

    I have only just bought this rifle and its in lovely conditon mauser action with a metal detachable mag rounded fore end with a rosewood tip. any ideas on model? Its a 300 WM by the way.


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    there is a canadian company that make them I believe
    very nice but very expensive

    would love to see some pics of your rifle

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    Having been through this recently for a Mauser-actioned rifle, and finding US sellers reluctant to send because of ITAR, try here ...

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    You could try:
    scope rails
    Craig is a decent chap, very helpful.

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    Thanks guys I will try third eye tomorrow. I will try and upload some photos later

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