Yesterday I bought the Lee 50th Anniversary kit with BreechLock challenger more idle chat with the wife.

Bought from Henry Kranks who have just had a delivery and apparently they've had to wait ages for it, apparently to do with Obama being anti gun so they're all panic buying leaving nothing for us over here

Anyway a mate who lives just up the road from Kranks' showed me the basics of reloading yesterday and I cant thank him enough for that. I've got 5rnds of 7-08 made up with 140grn Sierra Gamekings, 44grn H380, CCI primer and once fired, neck sized Privi brass. Was going out today to test them but the weather's that bad there's no point so next range day is Thursday which gives me plenty of time to make up some more

I'll be buying some calipers tomorrow, the bullets are seated 24thou' off the lands. This has probably come up before, but should I stick to 44grns and alter the COL to find the "sweet spot" or just alter the powder charge a few grains at a time? Am i right in thinking that by altering the COL i'm changing the pressure and burn rate etc so if I just change the powder charge I'm changing fewer variables(if that makes sense)?

A bit of a rambling post but i'm very excited