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Thread: Nice surprise last night

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    Nice surprise last night

    I was sitting in my lounge last night in front of the TV, it was five minutes past nine, when I saw a flash of white out of the corner of my eye. I looked out the patio doors and there sitting on the patio table, which is no more than 8-10 feet from the doors, was a Barn Owl. It was busy watching a hedgehog that was getting stuck into the Pine Martens food on the patio doorsteps, it just sat there for a minute or so and then took off. It was a first for me a Barn Owl in the garden, plenty of Tawny but first Barn Owl, silly as it seems I was really chuffed.

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    And you have every right to be john, they are quite rare in the wild.
    We have one that comes and lands on the roof of the doe box, she uses it as a viewing point.

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    We have quite a few around here John.
    Tawny and Barn.
    Nice to see.
    I enjoy the red squirrels coming to the bird table in my garden,would love to see Pine Marten here too,even if they will predate upon the squirrel.
    See a few Pine Marten but not in the numbers there will be where you are.
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    We tend to see one when ever we go lamping and start to squeak a fox in. They are amazing when they fly only a few feet above your head.

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    Always great to see them isn't it they're not at all rare around here lots of barn and tawny owls , must've seen at least 8 since I came back in February , when I was in Canada I saw quite a few snowy owls in the wild that really made my day!
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    love a barn owl! i was sat in a high seat one early morning and i managed to squeak one with in 6ft of me, i stayed dead still, it knew i wasn't natural... hovered for 5-10 secs then gracefully soared off!!

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    we get barn, tawny and little owls, only ever seen 2 from 3 at the same time.

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    snowy female just outside the house I rented they hung around for quite a while
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Barn Owl on your door step .....your very lucky , I would love to see one in my garden ..............keep a camera handy in case it comes back and get us some pics
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    We are really lucky in Dorset, so much so that they are not a rarity.
    Often get buzzed by Tawny Owls when fox squeaking and almost any rough ground will get get visited by Barn Owls and of course deer hence the regular sightings
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