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Thread: New Place, New People

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    New Place, New People

    Hello, My name is Kieran and im 18, i am very much conservation driven, it factors into all my decisions when hunting, for example during pheasant season i will usually only shoot cock pheasants, leaving the hens with the possibility of breeding for next year, and that is also why i have very little issue with red deer culling, i am a firm supporter of wolf re-introduction into scotland as they are a very good example of a conservative feeder, they keep deer numbers stable which reduces over grazing allowing bio-diversity of plant species which then allows for other herbivores to feed without competition with deer or each other as there will be enough availability.

    I've recently enrolled in college studying Animal Care HND, in aberdeen and im living in a farmhouse surrounded by woods and fields good for deer and rabbit
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    Welcome to the site, and probably some challenges to your views

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    Nailed I am afraid JAYB.
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