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Thread: Hind stalking on Mull

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    Hind stalking on Mull

    Hi Everyone,

    I am going up to Mull with my other halfs folks just before X-mas and was wondering if anyone knew who I should contact with regards to shooting some Hinds. I would really like to get two or three of them blooded.
    Please let me know your suggestions!!
    Cheers folks

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    Whereabouts on Mull fella, it's a big island?

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    Glenforsa advertise on here
    Killiechronan estate do lets I believe
    Ben More estate
    Knock estate

    ​all manner of places to go depending on your location

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    David Haldane is your best bet - I believe he's a trade member on here as 'Scotlanddeerstalking'.

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    Going to Calgary mate. Used to be a stalker so its not for me I can ghillie with ponies or the argo but it'd be nice to see them getting a beast

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    I haven't stalked the northern end of the island sorry so don't know it as well. 'Marshall 22' on here is from Glenforsa Estate (between Craignure & Salen) and 'mullbiker' your best bet.

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    I would go talk to Scotland deerstalking on here he shoots some ground in that area.


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    pm sent kickthedug.

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    Another recommendation for scotlanddeerstalking


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