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Thread: new trousers

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    new trousers

    hi the wife is going to treat me to a new pair of trousers, what would you lads recommend. must be hard wearing and waterproof and not cammo, thanks

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    Harkila Pro Hunter. 5 years old and still as good as the day I bought them.

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    I have a pair of harkila they are about 6 years old but near ****ed now, I heard the new harkila gear is not what it used to be. what about the harkila leather trousers are they hard wearing and do they need much looking after. cheers

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    I like the idea of these! Jagdhund Trouser - Clothing - My Hunting Shop

    You could also have a look at King of The Mountain. Both very durable and warm. King of the Mountain

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    thanks deerman I like the look of the jaghund trousers, might seem like a stupid question but do you know are they waterproof

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    They are a tight weave of wool and 5% camel hair. You should not get soaked wearing them but they are not waterproof.

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    I am very happy with the 'Deerhunter RAM Hitena' trousers- at less than a third of the price of Harkila widely available online in plain green or camo, for around 80.
    However next time in need new trousers I will by a jumpsuit style pair - for two reasons: Pockets full of gear will make your trousers drop in particularly if you have a little belly (and who hasn't , and with all the bending kneeling and crawling you often end up with a cold wet back when your shirt/t-shirt pops out at the back.
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    thanks for the replies. eric I had the deer hunter trousers once and sorry but they are not for me

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    Country covers ripstop material

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