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Thread: One tiny survey for all stalkers, please!!

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    One tiny survey for all stalkers, please!!

    Hi there guys,

    Comparing annual cull numbers with acreage Survey

    I put a survey on here a little while ago, and I'm trying to put the results together for my dissertation due in next week whilst working full time so it is a bit of a struggle! However I think a bit of detailed info which can give me an idea of how many deer shot/acre would be great for my project, and I will make the info public later on if you're interested.

    If you could fill this out, it will literally take you 30 seconds, and will be extremely helpful.

    Stalkers from anywhere can fill this out. Everything will be anonymous, no personal details will be taken.

    Thanks in advance.


    Comparing annual cull numbers with acreage Survey

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    I had a quick look but I think its flawed. I shot 63 deer last year but at least 20 of them were from paid stalks of one sort or another where I had access to 100s to 1000s of acres for that one day. The remainder were from my own permissions. Do you want all deer or only the ones from my "permanent" permissions?

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    Sorry, permanent would be ideal, my mistake. It's really to get an idea of deer management over the UK, to look into, on average how many deer people are taking off their land per year, I can compare this with the area, and see if theres any trends etc.
    The survey is probably flawed, I'm incredibly bad at making them work well! But I'm very grateful for your answers!

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    Once you have your figures it would be interesting to compare them with figures from individual DMG's which are in itself a compilation of regional figures.
    In fact I would argue that statistically you will be more robust of you do a 'survey of surveys'.

    For example, I am a member of the North Cotswolds Deer Management Group.
    I shot 9 deer over some 1200 Acres (1 March 2012 - 30 April 2013) ; but the six Members who bothered to submit their cull figures shot a total of 363 deer over a total of 10,000 Acres.
    I would argue that the latter figure has more statistical significance, as the result you are asking for works out to be 0.0363 deer shot per Acre.
    Now, this is of course a ridiculous figure and an unworkable benchmark - therefore I think you are better of expressing the Ratio as 'deer shot per 1,000 acres' which in our case (of the North-Cotswolds DMG) would be 36 deer (rounded). Now that is a figure people can relate to and work with and benchmark against their own individual Acreage.

    I may not be a scientist but do understand how deceiving statistics can be!

    Good luck with your Study
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    Hi Erik,
    Yeah I think you are right, deer management groups would be a great place to get information from. The problem being however is locating the right people and getting the information! Therefore it could be quite hit or miss whether you get a decent set of results. But if I was to do the study again, or further it in the future, that is probably something I would do.
    I see your point about the obscurity of shooting say 0.01 deer per acre, and I might multiply it up in the study to make it more readable. Thanks for your feedback


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    cheers guys 46 have done it, thanks a lot, will shut it down tomorrow so do have a crack if you haven't done so yet.

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