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Thread: Schmidt and Bender scopes.

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    Schmidt and Bender scopes.


    Why do S & B sell scopes made in Hungary for significantly less than those made in Germany? Example local gunsmiths prices :-

    8 X 56 30mm S & B made in Hungary £410.

    8 X 56 30mm S & B made in Germany £516.

    Yet the product is identical in every way. Are labour rates in Hungary that much less than in Germany?


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    Must be?

    I am still waiting for York Guns to ring me back when they get some in.
    I have been waiting now for 4 years, every time I asked they are coming or we had some you should have come last week, useless buggers I went elsewhere in the end, and bought a leopold

    rant over

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    Yes, labour rates are much cheaper in Hungary.
    Unlike some products that are made cheeper in other countries like China they have not compromised on the quality.

    I have two S/Bs 6x42 and they are brill. How can you argue with something that gives you a 30 year guarantee?


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    Quote Originally Posted by wadashot
    How can you argue with something that gives you a 30 year guarantee?

    Very good point.

    P.S You have a PM.

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    I had Hungarian staff working for me in Greece. They were paid £8 day, plus accomodation and were rather delighted with that.

    That was four years ago tho

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    I know the wait has been long because of the contract to supply the USMC but 4 years seems extreme!
    I waited a few months for my Zenith but wouldn't go for anything else now.
    S&B it's the scope for me!

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    Hi MJ75,

    I thought the difference in price between the German and the Hungarian scopes was because the metal that was used for the tubes. One steel and the other alloy!? Can any one out there clarify.


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    Funnily enough when I enquired about a Nightforce with York Guns in 2003 they promised to ring me when they had some in. Still waiting, went elsewhere in the end. Strikes me they are geared up to sell high volumes at quite low margins therefore probably do not have the staff to offer a full service. Bit like Cosco in the supermarkets, very cheap, if it' s in stock fine but if not then forget it.


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    looks like i was not the only one who is still waiting for a new scope from york guns except i phone them every fortnight just to be told it is on its way ,will keep trying may get a discount against the phone bill, nah

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    Try contacting the other S&B dealers as they are all priced pretty much the same though I think Andersons have some at the moment £100 ish cheaper than the rest.

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