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Thread: Backstop query .17hmr

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    Backstop query .17hmr

    Hi guys, purchasing my .17hmr tonight off a friend. The land I shoot has been passed up to .223 so its safe enough in the right hands. Some of the fields have hills and banks perfect backstops. Some of the fields are more flat and a bit of guidance would hep.

    Say if a rabbit was sat in the middle of flat field how safe is the shot and is there a certain way of knowing before pulling the trigger? I planned to shoot them in that situation from a high point like a hatch in my car so the shot went down onto them but this wouldn't always be the case. Is a standing shot down to the rabbit good enough? Im rather safety concious, im sure I can judge the shot and im being cautious but just making sure.

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    you must have a GOOD back stop every time you squeeze that trigger
    [is a standing shot down to the rabbit good enough?] if it was a short distance 20/30yds could be ok depending on the ground and whats in front of it generaly
    but the further away the angle changes, so at 80yds the bullet could easily skip/ricochet even after its gone thru the bunny
    as you say its best to be on the cautious side of things till you are truly experienced with the gun/caliber/round and ground
    ​hope this helps

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    combination of ground material, temperature and angle is key to any ricochet judgement

    only way to truly know is try it (ideally with some knowledge of further stops beyond!), even then you will find some situations might produce a ricochet and others don't
    I have seen a .243 ricochet of a soft wet grass field from a standing shot of maybe 4-5" above the target and around 75 yds
    .22 solids will bounce off most surfaces
    .17HMR 20gr tend to bounce more often go further as they stay together more but 17gr Vmax will still do it

    ​lower the angle greater the chance but nothing can predict what they might do

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    if there is't a back stop then how will your bullet stay within your footprint, don't think its ok some time's thats just how a crap happends, as you say use a higher point to shoot from or a motor you should be ok but all depends on how far your target is away when standing if you think about it ! at the end of the day your the best on/ off switch on your rifle just do the "wot if" before you pull and you will be ok

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    I always do the what if just really I think need to get out and have a go and see how the bullet travels with safe backstops. I presume frosty ground is bad, even with the .17hmr with balistic tips?

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    Was with a pal a year or so back having a pop with his HMR. He was shooting at rabbits at about 60/70 yards with no real backstop. He was assuming that the round would just break up on impact and not travel. I told him I thought it was a dangerous thing to do and went out to where the rabbit was and set up an oil drum with a ceramic tile in front. He put a round into the ground just in front of the tile and it skipped off of the ground and smashed the tile. This modified his behaviour somewhat.

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    I've always wondered how folk manage lamping rabbits at night in open fields with a .22lr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VSS View Post
    I've always wondered how folk manage lamping rabbits at night in open fields with a .22lr?
    With fingers crossed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VSS View Post
    I've always wondered how folk manage lamping rabbits at night in open fields with a .22lr?
    Alot just pull the trigger and hope for the best?
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Interesting, really I could do with just getting out and seeing how the bullet reacts at different safe backstops. Ill ask a friend with a ticket to come assist me.

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