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Thread: Rough shooting

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    Rough shooting

    Hi all im currently seeking some Rabbit shooting anywhere around the Inverness area i am more than willing to travel if any body knows of any opportuniesi would appreciate any help given.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Best knock doors mate

    We all work hard to find permission, so it really is a case of get stuck in and keep trying.

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    I didn't bother knocking on any doors found a little patch of ground on the waterfront that has everything from Rabbits through to Roe unfortunately not many rabbits left now. So will have to get around some farms to find a new bunny area. For any one else looking to take up hunting don't allow yourself to be put of by some of the Banter that people throw out if you persevere you will get something in the end.

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    Aye, good for you.

    How did you persevere without knocking doors then, ?

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