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Thread: Red deer hunting in Bulgaria

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    Red deer hunting in Bulgaria


    Deer stalking in Bulgaria. I invite all lovers of hunting deer, which come in Bulgaria and you enjoy this type of hunting. This country is known with a good population of Red deer and big trophies. Trophies of Red deer killed in Bulgaria, have won several world records. For example in year 1975 trophy with 253,62 pnt CIC was word record, in 1978 trophy with 256,78 pnt. CIC was word record, in 1983 trophy with 263,28 pnt CIC word record, in 1990 with 273,60 pnt. CIC word record.
    We can organize your hunting tourism with all the necessary services from arrival to return.
    For more information visit our web site:
    Cazahuntingbg |Hunting Bulgaria,Jagd Bulgarien , Chasse Bulgarie,

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very good deer trophy, hunted a few months ago in Bulgaria .

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    Lovely animal. Looks like it carries a fair body as well as good head. I'd love to see your country one day.

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    Could you send me some prices please, many thanks Ricky

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    Even better post them on here as the prices are not on your web site please.

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    HI Caz. I have had a good look through your website and enjoyed all the information and pictures. I have been thinking of a trip to Africa but wonder how a trip to Bulgaria would compare in cost. Or what you could provide for a packed "safari" of what you would do if you had 7 days hunting?
    I love being engulfed in what the locals do rather than just be provided with what sells. I'd rather camp out in the hunting area than have a fancy hotel and have a good time with the other guys cooking something on a fire and having a couple of drinks while sharing stories.

    It may well be that the cost of this may be far higher than I can afford, but I'd be very interested in what you think. I am not a trophy hunter and would not be looking to set any new world records. I do appreciate a beautiful animal but would rather have the chance to hunt a nice one than not hunt at all. I do like to earn my shots and am fit. So climbing and walking all part of it for me.
    I think if you put your reply on here others will be interested too.

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    I second Woodmaster's post. Would be very interested in such a trip.

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    3rd woodmasters post. Maybe a few of us could drive down?

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