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Thread: Need a hat !

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    Need a hat !

    Can anyone recomend me a good hat ! Got wet again today!

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    Use the good old Barbour wax cotton flat cap myself and if it get very bad the hood will go up onmy Mustobut it has to be really bad as I hate having a hood up

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    Akubra Australian hats. Good range and great quality but expensive, although they last for years.
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    It won't blow away either:

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    2p worth

    ​i use a browning crushable type , had no water ingress as yet or big wax jobbie . hate water down my neck so hate flat caps in bad weather .

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    I always wear a hat that will soak up a certain amount of rain as you don't get it running down your neck as I cant stand that either and most waterproof ones mean the rain runs off. Doesn't take an hour to dry after either especially if the wood burner is on!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    It won't blow away either:

    Its on its way! Apparently.

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    I have used the Orvis felt hat for about the last 15 years would not use anything else but I buy mine in the USA at $39 as opposed to 59 over here

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