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Thread: When Hunting and stalking goes out the window.

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    When Hunting and stalking goes out the window.

    Have a look at the video clips on this site. There is no more skill in hunting or stalking with this setup.
    Long Range Hunting with XactSystemâ„¢ Rifles | TrackingPoint

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    But you still have to be able to shoot!
    Also with that system you still have to dope the wind.
    Throwing bits of grass up in the air to read the wind really doesn't cut the mustard.
    Some of the shots leave a lot to be desired, probably down to wind.

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    that's not hunting. Did you see how they 'hit' the animals,,bullets going anywhere on the beasts body and they were happy with it...reckless and distasteful.

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    Agree that some of the shots weren't best placed and I would have to ask myself if I had the ability to do that and be 100% happy to be honest.
    I'll stick to my 200 yard-ish shooting thank you

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