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Thread: hunting certificate gemernay?

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    hunting certificate gemernay?

    My dad has been offered a trip to Germany to visit some friends that live over there and to join them on a boar and deer hunt.

    On the correspondence between us he have been asked to provide my hunting certificate. This may have been lost in translation but what does this mean?
    e will be borrowing a gun from my friend. What does he need to hunt in Germany?
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    Over the years I have applied for numerous German Permits for my British quests and i find that you have to provide the following:

    1. Passport photo to go on the German Permit
    2. Copy of passport
    3. Proof of insurance in German (the Basc for instance will get you these if you ask for them), important that it states the date untill you are insured and that the date is later then you coming over ;-)
    4. Copy of the EU weapons passport (for travelling with guns you will need a EU weapons passport, issued by local UK police, if you will be using youre hosts gun this is not necessary)
    5. Copy of you’re firearm certificate
    6. Copy of DCS1 or DSC2, National Stalkers Competence Certificate or something in that nature that states you are a trained hunter or shooter, Most officials want to have this, some do not mind of you do not provide this.

    The authorities give you then a permit that is valid for 14 days. You cannot get it valid any longer as you guys do not have a Hunting Diploma (isseud by the state) that is recognised / approved by the German Authorities. Costs will differ fom 28 to 96 euro (depends on the issueing council).

    Please note that if you are using youre host's gun and you will be sitting on youre own during the hunt, he has to give you a letter / form which states the riflenumber, both youre names adresses etc. and that you can use his gun on his behalf !

    Yep, Germans are suckers for forms and protocol .

    Good luck. If you have any questions please ask.

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