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Thread: Black islander boots

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    Black islander boots

    Hi there any of you guys had any problems with these boots,I have a pair of the graphite boots , given for a 40th in oct 11,the right boot has just started to let water in,have just made contact with where they were bought 199:95 to be told that they only have a years warranty,and the only help that I got was that he could sell me another pair of boots at a reduced rate.does anyone have any contacts that could help me out,the boots are like new, only used about 25 times.

    ​cheers AllanAllan

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    Interesting .. I.was just looking at their boots last night ... I had whittled it down to either a pair oBlackIslanders or a new pair of Altberg .. you may have just helped me make my mind up.

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    Yes been there and got the wet feet to prove it! My first pair let water in after two weeks, they got replaced by black islander. The replacement pair lasted longer, ten months or so. They also got replaced by black islander, keeping the third pair for dry days! Can't complain about the customer care but the boots are not very good. I suggest you phone Hamish at black islander


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    I also had issues with a pair bought probably a bit before yours. Black Islander admitted that there were problems with boots from a particular batch and it was suspected that Diotto, who make them for Black Islander, had outsourced the manufacture with another maker as demand was outstripping their ability to keep up. I have no reason to disbelieve Hamish as have always been pleased with the customer service. I got a replacement pair which leaked as well after a few months. Not just a gradual inlet of water but as though the whole waterproof membrane was failing. After the second pair leaked I said I didn't want the same boot so he sent me a pair of Meindle's.

    I have since bought another pair of Diotto's, the new woodland model and have had no probs with them but they haven't been on that much as yet. As always they are some of the most comfortable boots I have worn, just hope they retain their waterproofness!!!!

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    Cheers for all the feed back,have been in touch with Hamish ,he can offer me another make of boots at a cheaper cost,with only a one year warranty,so if these were to leak another 200 a year for a pair of boots,he has given me the contact details for diotto so here's hopping I can get a better answer from them.

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    had mine for just over 2 years really cosy boot but started letting in water after a year i wear seal skin socks now till the boots die complety then back to meindls which i rate highly

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    had mine for just over 2 years really cosy boot but started letting in water after a year i wear seal skin socks now till the boots die complety then back to meindls which i rate highly
    I would probably be the same Kris except I got the chance of the new Woodland Diotto boots cheap so thought I would give them a try. have a pair of Meindle Dovre Extremes as well as they allow for far thicker socks than the Diotto boots and to be honest any Meindle I have had has never leaked, the boot itself is knackered and in the bin but the Goretex seems to still be waterproof!

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    Had thought about Black Islander boots but plumped for the Gamekeeper Stark model from Altberg, time will tell as they should be delivered this week.

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    I have a pair of the gamekeeper botos from altberg - here's what I wrote in another thread -
    Altberg are great boots - I have three pairs but only one with the sympatex lining. If you use the leder gris you hardly need it.
    I hate saying this now but I don't think the sympatex is as robust as goretex at all. Put it this way I'm on my 3rd pair of Lowa's - this pair is 3 years old and used for terrier work, fox hunting, beagling and stalking - the heel area is still perfect.
    I got about 2 months out of my Altbergs before the heel lining got rubbed through. I still wear them and to be honest they don't let in water even now so it's no big deal.
    I'd get another pair in the morning if I needed though - there's very little maintenance to be done to keep them going. Lowa are better in many ways but the drying and polishing is a PITA.
    I'll also reiterate - they still haven't let in water - despite the waterproof lining damage - the rubber coating does the job especially in wet grass.

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    Just to add - if you want to be mollycoddled in a timely manner by polite customer support staff DON'T BUY FROM ALTBERG

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