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Thread: Stalking lodges

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    Stalking lodges

    Does anyone know of any stalking holiday lodges to go to anywhere in England/scotland dog friendly fot wel behaved dog,two stalkers and our girlfriends for a few days and a few outings or maybe a bit of fishing/ rough shooting any info wewelcome regards, bij

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    Try south Ayrshire stalking or sikamalc on here they both have a great reputation
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    Can help out , for red hinds , roe or boar , penty geese on foreshore or stubble as well
    ​Pm me for cottage details if interested

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    As said you could try Chris at South Ayrshire stalking,no dogs allowed in the bothy or house but he has kennels that you can use.
    Fishing near by also good stalking,food and company.

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    I stayed here a year or two ago.

    There's stalking to be had there, and there was 11 of us in there with enough room to not be under each others feet all the time. Absolutely SUPERB place it was. You'll need a 4x4, hired or your own to stay there, and don't do anything stupid like forget the bread or milk when you go in, It's at least a 25 minute drive just to get to the lodge from the road!

    ​ I've just started uploading a video i took of part of the drive in. It's going to take a while!
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    Try IanF on here. He has a hunter's cabin which is well equipped, good stalking for various species and no too far from Worcestershire either.

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