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Thread: Model 62 Winchester slide action Long barrel

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    Model 62 Winchester slide action Long barrel

    Anyone own a Winchester Model 62 23 inch long barrel the same as my dads??? My father gave me this 22rm when I was 16 years old in 1957 and I must say it was and still is a very good rifle any one out ther own one ??? I still have that rifle and It will be my sons riflewhen he turns 16 years.

    the barrel and action are very worn but a bunny will stil fall at 150 yards. I lent it to a mate for a range comp in the 1960's He won the 22 iron sights the CF Iron sights and the CF open sights comp. Bench resting last year this rifle droped a bunny at 150 yards. Dont forget the maker placed the dimmer switch on my eyesight.

    I swear that this rifle is worn and shot out but it still is good up to 150 yards any one out there has a similar story about these Winchesters ????

    Regards Neilo

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    I have owned them, but don't have one now. Mine shot well.
    I still have a Model 68 single shot Winchester that my Dad bought for me the afternoon I was born. It was well used then, and I shot it as often as I could growing up. I passed it on to my oldest daughter and it still shoots very well. Hard to figure why.~Muir

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    Hey there muir, I think that old winchester 62's shot well as they were well balanced and light, also there was no wood on the Barrel. My dad also had a winchester single shot, I cant remember the model, he would give me 3 rounds to go hunting with. No bunnies no rifle for a month, I soon learnt how to place my shots.

    Experence is a great teacher.
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