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Thread: Introduction of an American Deer stalker from Kansas

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    Introduction of an American Deer stalker from Kansas

    I have seen your site several times, and decided to join today. I'm preparing to go red deer stalking in Scotland at the beginning of October. This will be my 8th trip to Scotland. I have stalked in Deeside and Angus. In Kansas, I "hunt" whitetail deer every autumn, and my favorite rifles are 7 x 57, .30/06, and .300 Winchester Magnum. I enjoy hand loading for all of them. Mostly IMR and Hodgden powders with Nosler Ballistic tip bullets, and lately loading Barnes copper 180 grains for the .300 Win Mag. I am looking forward to reading about your stalking adventures,and learning from your experience. Cheers!

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    Welcome there are a few others on here from across the pond.

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    Hi Jon,

    ​A warm welcome - enjoy your trip to Scotland. My blog gives some idea of what is available in the South West of England.

    Deer Diary

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    Welcome. Always good to hear about hunting abroad.

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    Thank you, Bogtrotter. I will soon be passing through your lovely area of the country on the way to the hill. Are you familiar with Guildtown? I wonder if the Angler's Inn is now in operation. I read that it had closed.
    My friends and I will get to fish on the Tay, west of Blairgowrie, in addition to doing some stalking. Looking forward to it!

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    Thanks, Frog. I willtake a look at your comments. Jon

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    Hi Howa 243, You know, American hunters are pretty much obsessed with Whitetail Deer! They can live almost anyplace, including suburban and industrial edges of cities. Luckily there are many good opportunities and long seasons here, whether a person likes bow, muzzleloader, rifle, handgun, or lately, crossbows. I have learned a lot from my Scottish friends about stalking, and applied it to my techniques in Kansas. Take care!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi jon do you stalk in the same place each year? not long now i hope you are successfull and look forward to reading a writeup ,atb wayne
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    Hi John,
    I have passed near your area before, and hope to return. Thanks for the welcome, and great stslking to you!

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