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Thread: lantra awards

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    lantra awards

    I did hear yesterday from a very reliable source that lantra may be kicked into touch and the industry awarding its own qualifications that's if they can all work together, fat chance of that.

    Anybody else heard anything?

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    I have got a few lantra certificates, if this happens will they be worth the paper they are printed on?

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    hi there,
    yes i think you are right, lantra has and is changing, alot of the frame work has and is been changed to make it a better qualification/award.

    I dont hold any, mainly because they expire, but refreshing and retraining isnt a bad thing really

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    sort of depends what quals you hold/want. Lantra seems to be I melt down at the moment. with political shufflings and quality control (for awards) it has made it tough for them. that said all the competency awarding bodies are have major changes and are in choppy water!
    I mainly carry out my competency assessing through NPTC City and Guilds and its the same there. the sands shift but it will all settle in the end. I doubt that any Lantra tickets will be a waste of time as people will continue to recognise them until the new take over(what ever they may be). as already stated they have an expiry date so may be then is the time to move to something else?
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    interesting as my chainsaw certs are all through NPTC, and I thought they where safe..!!

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    I was thinking more about some of the deer certificates , I hold such as the BDS deer management award and what about the one that Jelen are doing?

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    I looked at Lantra registration some time ago but it seemed quite expensive. I have been told that OFQUAL are keen to get all training supplied by accredited trainers so I am jumping through these hoops at the moment. Not a lot to do with the content as long as the units are written correctly, but about access to training and ensuring that you meet the learners needs! I would have thought that the courses that you have completed have units that establish what you are competent in so are therefore recognised by anyone who asks.

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