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Thread: 358 winchester

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    358 winchester

    anyone use 358w for deer on the forum in uk if so what do you think
    ​cheers lister

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    Essentially a necked up .308, search the net, doubt anyone would use one here...might be wrong! I'd give one a whirl...I'm toying with a .404 Jeffries ATM, just need to finish the barrel!

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    it looks good for uk shooting red stags boar and europe not just reds any first hand use would help
    ​cheers lister

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    I'm not in the UK ( anymore) but I have used the 358 Win. I liked it, but to be honest, I only took 2 white-tails with it, so that hardly makes me an expert. It is a good round for large game as long as you don't stretch the range to far, which I don't anyway. What game and conditions are you thinking of using for ?


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    deer and boar max 200 most 100 yards
    ​cheers lister

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    Quote Originally Posted by lister View Post
    deer and boar max 200 most 100 yards
    ​cheers lister
    Thats about what the round was designed for. The only problem would be ammunition. I can't remember the last time I saw a box of factory ammo around here. It was never a popular round in these parts, or many others from what I've seen. I doubt the situation there is any better. If you reload your options are way better, depending on the availability of components. I'm not trying to dissuade you in any way, but have you looked at the 338 Federal? Performance-wise it's right up there with the 358 and factory ammo and reloading components are easily available. Just a thought


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    Another eminently suitable cartridge for short up to one hundred yards that because of the idiots in the 1960s is in fact ILLEGAL in its original 250 grain bullet weight as it is too slow! Like the 6.5mm MS.

    MUIR I think would know more but within its niche it is very, very suitable. With anything other than the original 250 grain loading (180 grains or 200 grains) there are other calibres that do the job better IMHO. Such as a 30-06 or 8x57.

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    AS soon as I get out to MarinePMI's place I'll be rebarreling a Model 1910 Small Ring 98 Mauser with a Douglas Premium 1-12" twist barrel in .358 Winchester. I have a far greater latitude with velocities, etc, but with a 200 grain bullet, 2600 fps is possible. That is some serious boot. I will be experimenting with handgun bullets and cast rifle bullets. I doubt if anything in North America would stand up to it if shot within it's working range. You're right. A 30-06 or 8x57 would be a better all around cartridge if I was forced to choose between them. ~Muir

    (I considered a 9X57 but I have pounds of 308 brass with which to make 358 brass.)
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    I had a Ruger 77R in 358 WIN for awhile and it was a nice enough rifle and cartridge but quite frankly I prefer the 338 Federal .

    Of all the 308 based cartridges I like the 308 and the 358 the least . The 243 , 260 , 7-08 and 338 Federal I like alot .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    (I considered a 9X57 but I have pounds of 308 brass with which to make 358 brass.)

    I recently sold a barrel for a Mauser that was chambered in 9.3x57 . Kinda wish I'd kept and tried that one !

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