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Thread: Does anyone use a single-shot rifle?

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    Does anyone use a single-shot rifle?


    I've been thinking about buying a Blaser rifle, and had assumed it would be a R93. However, looking through their catalogue I was interested in the K95. Does anyone on here use a single-shot rifle for stalking? I'd be interested in their comments. Obviously there isn't the opportunity of a fast second shot, but any other issues?



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    I have used a Ruger#1 in 30-06 for a number of years and should the opportunity for a second or third shot present itself . I have never felt to be at an disadvantage when compared to some one using a standard bolt action.

    If I think there is a possibility of multiple shots I simply hold the additional rounds between the fingers of my left hand. Similar to how you would hold spare shotgun cartridges if you were acting as a loader on a double gun day.

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    Single shot

    Only when I forget my magazine doh

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    I've a ruger #1 in 243, it's not my main rifle but I use it mostly for roe bucks and hill stags, wth practice you can load pretty quickly, I've been at hinds with others and have been able to shoot quicker than others with ba's.

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    I have a Heym-Ruger single shot rifle that i have used for over 30 years.
    Never found it a disadvantage to use it for hunting. In reality how often do you need the second shot. I hunt roe and have shot moose with my combi.

    The only time i find a bolt action is better is on the range when shooting the running moose target. That one shot at the stationary target and the second shot as the target moves on report but i have shot silver medal with the single shot.

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    What calibre is your HR30, and how do you find the Canjar set trigger for hunting?

    My info shows they were produced in some rather exotic rimmed calibres

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    Thanks for the replies all - something to think about.


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    Hej Jeffers, The Heym is in .308. The Canjar trigger is quite wide and has a little tongue that sticks out in the middle when you set the trigger. I don't use the set trigger as it is so good with just the unset trigger.
    Its a rifle made for shooting standing and is very light.
    I had a friend who bought one in .300WM and that was a bit scarey to shoot due to its light weight.
    Its shot a lot of rounds and needs rebarreling when i get round to it.

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    I too have started using a combi which is in effect a single shot rifle. I don't feel at any disadvantage compared to using my bolt action rifle.

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    My Sauer Drilling allows me to fall into this category.

    I happily use a single shot for stalking - it has no disadvantage to a bloke who only needs to shoot one animal at a time!



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