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Thread: Brass questions .243

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    Brass questions .243

    Hello been sorting out brass this evening

    Now I have have a list of brass and would like to know what people think is the best brass to use for reloading.

    1. R P ( I assume this is remmington)
    2. SAKO
    3. nny ( no idea what this is)
    4. RWS
    5. PMC (no idea what this is)
    6. Hornaday
    7. FC ( Federal I think)

    looking forward to your responses.



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    RP is Remington Peters, nny is PPU, I have found none of it to be bad brass, some may have preferences but all is fit for purpose but some may last longer than others.

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    You have forgot arguably the best brass, Lapua!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    You have forgot arguably the best brass, Lapua!Ian.
    I didn't see any of that in his list !
    Lapua the most expensive brass ! it does the same job as any other, but maybe for a few more reloadings than some of the others ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    You have forgot arguably the best brass, Lapua!

    I love it when I see this as according to my Norma 2007 catalogue Lapua is one of the makes that Norma makes brass for. I would seem that they also make the Nosler, Sako and RWS brass amongst others. On page 47 is a freeze of 23 photos of different brass head stamps that Norma make.

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    Sako and RWS brass for me . I have loaded both makes now between 3 & 5 times and still going strong.

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    PMC . Precision Made Cartridges
    FC. Federal Cartridge Corp
    NNY. rvi Partizan-Namenska Proizvodnja, Titovo, Uzice 31000, Yugoslavia. These are actually Cyrillic letters equal to "PPU in the Western alphabet.
    RWS .
    Rheinisch-Westfälischen Sprengstoff-Fabriken this one is good for reloading
    RP . Reminton peters

    In 1919, a year after Finland declared independence from the Russian Empire, the Suojeluskuntain Yliesikunnan Asepaja (Civil Guard Supreme Staff Gun Works) opened in a former Helsinki brewery to repair private arms and recondition Russian military rifles for Finnish service. The rifle repair shop became financially independent of the civil guard about 1921; and the Government Valmet rifle factory opened at Tourula in 1925. The Suojeluskuntain Yliesikunnan Asepaja moved from Helsinki to an ammunition factory in Riihimäki on 1 June 1927 and reorganized as SAKO in the 1930s. Sako started exporting pistol cartridges to Sweden in the 1930s and continued manufacturing submachinegun cartridges through World War II.[1] In 1987, state-owned Valmet and SAKO fused into SAKO-VALMET, with ownership split evenly betweenNokia and Valmet. After several organizational shifts in state ownership, the SAKO name remained for the privately owned gun- and cartridge-producing company located in the cities of Riihimäkiand Jyväskylä (former Valmet factory in Tourula, which was later closed). The company now has a strategic partnership with Beretta Holdings.
    bloody hell requst the meaning of life next time feller

    .lapua 1st
    then norma
    then sako
    close rws
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    I would say RWS, I have used these for a while with no problems.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    Thank you I kinda guessed I would get a lot of different answer. I have made my choice so now to head to the or sale section with all the other brass..



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