HI folks,

The other day I undertaken supervision in my place of work, in this targets are set and must be met. I have three targets to meet two of which are pre-set the third I have to think of myself. Thinking outside the box I said id like to do something for charity. I got a great response from my line manager.
As some may or may not no I support and work with children and adults with sever learning disabilities, mental health and autism. It is a very hard demanding job but a truly rewarding one. I am not aloud to bring money into my place of work but I am aloud to raise money for another charity and at this present time one I am unsure of, I am fond or organisations who support PMLD (profound multiple learning difficulties) I am thinking of as I see it a truly hard task to meet six species of deer in six days, I no this is a huge target to meet and of course depending on the time of year and like in a years time.
I am proposing to any stalkers out there who may help me out, being south is going to help massively due to cwd and muntjac.
I am not after free stalks as I am wanting to donate the cost of a stalk and a cull to charity and what the cost should be will be donated towards charity.
Cull deer only may I state.
In this the offering stalker must be prepared to donate a free days stalking and cull allowing me to hand the money over to charity. I will pay my own fuel, digs and food etc..
Right, what's in this for me etc.. as some I'm sure will question, nothing! as each year I allow myself X amount of 's stalking allowance, so id happily donate my finances to a charity. And of course this may be interested too them giving up free time and a possible cull. I would like small donations from each member on here, aiming to gain as much financial clout as possible. This is of course very early days, if I have takers I will of course set up a link etc.. but don't expect a blog as I'm cxxp with computers.
My reason is my mother is on her second inoperable brain tumour and its about time I gave something back.
I apologise if I should of run this through the mods first but this is a genuine proposal and best laid palns will be put in place and for all to see.
Please let me no on a response, I will happily answer any questions that I may not have covered, I will have hell of a lot to agree even a contract emplace.
I'm sure there are things missed out from me but like mentioned please ask, this could be a long planning process but plenty financial gained for a charity, I may and will probably seek help due to my shocking I-t skills.
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