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Thread: BSA CF2 trigger help please!!

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    BSA CF2 trigger help please!!

    I recently purchased A BSA CF2 in 6.5x55. A bit worn exterior and wood but it shoots like a hot damn. Anyway there was a grittiness to the trigger pull so I suspected rust in the trigger housing. I was correct so I pulled the trigger apart and cleaned everything and put it back together. Now here's the kicker after I put it back together it wont release the cocking piece until the trigger and sear connecting rod kicks it off. I'm not sure what I've done wrong!! And I just can't see it right now I've had that thing apart and back together so many times now I can do it with my eyes closed but still no joy. Would you be able to help me or point me in the right direction. I'm sure I will have nightmares tonight about this damn trigger. Thank you for any information

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    Brithunter is the BSA expert on here he will soon pick up your post.

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    Not sure I follow your description
    is the cocking piece (bolt) sticking or is the sear (trigger housing) failing to disengage?

    have you got all the bits back in?
    sounds like something is not under the tension is should be or has an obstruction

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    can you add pictures please!

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    Nice of Chambers to use and claim a BSA leaflet diagram.....................................

    ​I am wondering if the sear spring is located correctly. I have never taken one apart but know from a friend in the US who did that it's not easy to get it back together right. Without one to examine it's hard to figure out exactly how it goes together and operates............................... Sorry.

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    Thank you all for your help. Thank you brithunter for your offer in PM. I just needed a break from it so I could rethink the problem. The sear spring had too much pressure on the sear!! I had it anchored in the wrong spot. It needs to be anchored on the bottom trigger not on the big cross pin. I am not however quite versed in the BSA trigger. Thank you all again I look forward to reading, helping and being helped.

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