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Thread: Base layer

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    Base layer

    I'm going on a mountain hunt with lots of walking/ trekking. Any recommendations for a good moisture wicking base layer that's not too itchy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by N.F.W.M View Post
    Patagonia Capalene


    ​thanks Ed

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    Ussen Baltic pro , awesome

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    I have some Swedteam stuff well impressed and the mid layers even better.


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    In my experience you'd have to go a long way to beat a decent Merino base layer. It's not cheap but as with everything in life you get what you pay for. I managed to get some Lundhags stuff the other year and it's the best I've had.


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    I bought a decathlon merino wool base layer in Spain 24 euro, it is awesome!!!!

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    have a look on flea bay for 'woolpower' they do a lot of base layer gear, very warm, also available on Ray mears website. very decent stuff.
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    Are the wool base layers not itchy against your skin? Don't know much about base layers!

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    Merino wool isn't itchy, I use Icebreaker

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