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    Soft Insoles

    I own a pair of 9 year old Chevalier Ultimate boots. Still looking new after 9winters of use ( not professional). The sole material seems to harden up due to age. Can anybody recommend a really nice soft insole. Can be thicker than the traditional insoles. Something like the tempur we sleep on.

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    Believe it or not Poundland do memory foam insoles!

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    If they have gone hard, they may have lost a bit of shape,go to a good sports shop and get gel shoe inserts, arch support etc, can make a big difference on a long day

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    go out doors or decathlon do walking insoles with insteps very good

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    Have a look at super feet insoles.

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    Sorbothane Sorbo-Pro Total Control Insoles: Sports Outdoors

    These are in my wellies, walking boots, work boots and trainers so I can't recommend them enough for giving support, comfort and a spring in your step

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