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Thread: Seems like a sensible kind of idea

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    Seems like a sensible kind of idea

    all well reasoned by the head teacher. I can't wait until the comments section begine to light up!

    think of the children.....

    I've been shooting in one form or another since about 7 or 8 and it does instil discipline and all the rest. I can't wait for the GROLIIES to get hold of this one

    Oh, well done BASC!

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    about time our kids had a chance and not just at the top schools , just like i did at 6 years old and why not ! my 12 yr old has just gone to his new school and archery is one of the many after school things he can do when his 14 he can start field archery .at his jnr school he had air rifle shooting as a school holiday event .
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    wait for the apoplexy from the cotton wool wrapper libtards...all emotion 'think of the children save one life danger diatribe rant shyte'

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    Quote Originally Posted by urx View Post
    wait for the apoplexy from the cotton wool wrapper libtards...all emotion 'think of the children save one life danger diatribe rant shyte'
    Yes as we all no guns are a corrupting influence, as evidenced by the users of this very forum of firearms users, whom have all been vetted by the police and by virtue of the licensing system have to be some of the most law abiding people in the country.

    its amusing when you stop and think, teaching shooting aside from the technical aspect, teaches discipline and concentration as well as respect for the gun and understanding the consequences of one's actions. As well making children understand that in order for them to have meat someone had to kill an animal. (according to libtards this is dangerous)

    however our good friends on the left would rather the children run around the countryside believing in a kind of animals of farthing wood fairy tale, encouraging naive people to go into area's were shooting is taking place in order to either disrupt shoots or save cute fluffy animals, cus they are soooooooooo cute, with no understanding of the danger they are putting themselves in, or the damage they are causing to the overall health and abundance of a largely man managed ecosystem by disrupting population control efforts.

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    One thing that I think is dawning in society again, very slowly but we're starting to see it, is to let our children experience things instead of mollycoddling them.

    As a species (like most species), we learn as we grow older and the absolute best way to learn is by experience. Of course this entails a bit of danger. But again, the only real way we learn to protect ourselves is to experience danger and learn to recognise it and act appropriately. Certainly this will result in injury or death occasionally, but you have to offset this with those mollycoddled youngsters who suddenly leave school and home with no self-preservation skills at all. How many of those are injured or worse?

    It's like pheasants. They are pretty universally thought of as dumb birds. But we rear and release them without the experience and teaching of their parents. The result is they walk under cars on the road, fly over guns giving voice to let them know they're coming, take an age to learn to fly up to roost and get caught by foxes and of course are killed in their thousands by us humans. But those that survive until next winter are a different matter. They have lived the experiences and the wily birds now know when those buggers with guns are coming and slip away in plenty of time. The foxes have a hard time getting them too.

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    I seem to remember reading a report on some research carried out in America (I think) which clearly showed that in states where some small arms training was a part of the normal sports curriculum there was a much reduced level of gun related crime - presumably because the kids had learnt to respect and understand firearms from a young age.
    I think that the warped mind that results in awful crimes comes from fantasising about guns as "forbidden fruits".

    I'm all for getting kids involved in shooting at school. It scores on so many different levels.

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    One of the ways I have taught some youngsters is to pick a piece of 4"x2". Then get their opinions on whether or not they think the wood is hard. Would it hurt if you were hit with it, can you make a hole in it with your hand or fist. Of course the answer is always "Yes it is hard, no I can't make a hole in it and yes it would hurt if I got hit with it"
    I then proceed to blow holes in it with a .22 rimfire and show them the damage. They soon get the idea that guns, improperly handled will seriously hurt you.
    Lesson over, we get to the fun part. A Ruger 10/22 with a banana clip
    “Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”........Dalai Lama

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    You have to love the 'Daily hate', they try to make a big deal out of the trip and the majority of comments nearest the top applaud the outing. Don't think they fired up the 'outrage' bus too well with that one!!

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    a few comments on there outing the gcn as a trio of nutters too, cant hurt that the message that all they peddle is fear and hate is shared in national 'news' media

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