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Thread: Non slip rifle sling

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    Non slip rifle sling

    I am at midland on Sunday and will be looking for the above and a bi pod, any stands or makes worth a look people?

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    i have the limbsaver and find it very good if a little expensive, think it was 40

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    I have one of these which I got whilst on holiday in the states.

    Very comfortable and it does what is says on the tin, it does not slip!



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    I really like the z-aim sling which I got of one of the trade member of here, the sling is non slip but as it also has a cross strap that secures the butt of the stock to your body it means you have hands free and if you have a little wobble or bend over to pick something up then it stays where it is

    I think I paid 33 including postage.

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    Many thanks for replies - will keep an eye out at m g m in the morning

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    Try modifying some horse reins with thongs. They will never slip.

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