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Thread: Best roof lamp for a vehicle??

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    Best roof lamp for a vehicle??

    Hi guys.

    Just bought l200 for the foxing can anyone recommend best type of lamp to mount onto the roof guys and cheapest place to buy it

    ​boy this sports getting more expensive every week lol

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    I use the lightforce suction mount, and have done for years (don't want a hole in my roof) its ok if you don't mind wearing a glove out the window to keep your hand warm also a wee bit o rain now and then.


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    i have had lightforce and hella both through the roof types , in my opinion the lightforce is a better beam ,the hella is less hasle and looks better , which would i choose ? the hella .

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    Ive always found a handheld lamp is more than upto the job as its easier to cover areas quickly, unless youre out on your own! Roof mounted weve always used through the roof mounts.

    Lamps have all been Lightforce.

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    Lightforce 170 cant beat them. I got mine from continental shooting supplys in dalry ayrshire the were the the best price at the time.

    ATB Kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    Lightforce 170 permanent roof mount without a doubt,I had a hella on old daihatsu and it does have more up and down adjustment but not a patch beam wise and I tried souping up the hella with different bulbs but doesnt come close to the 170,as its nearly all hill ground from land rover i,m looking up most of time so have lightforce adjusted externally to point higher so you can hit higher up hills but still able to look well below as well-take the plunge and drill the roof its so much easier than fannying about with cables inside a cab getting caught on things and if your solo and have to get out to shoot you can have rifle on bonnet and still reach into cab to adjust light

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    Have to agree you'll be hard pushed to find a better lamp than the Lightforce,
    a Lamper's Lamp for sure.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Lightforce with suckers for solo lamping, I always spot with the 170 then shoot with the night master 800

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    Lightforce are the best, not much comes close to them. If your fitting it permanently on the L200 you may find you have to have it off centre due to a roof support running down the centre of the roof


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    Ah yes it is a l200 mate please tell me more about this support before I start drilling my roof

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