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Thread: pics from Norway

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    pics from Norway






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    Stunning scenery and great pictures BS.

    Are you doing any hunting out there?

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    Nice pics, is the first taken from the Atn bru side of the rondan????

    I used to shear around there up at there at the moment just bit further down country..

    Seen the musk ox few times, always look sad to me


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    Good looking grayling too

    I've spent a bit of time working in Norway and Sweden but have yet to go hunting or fishing there.


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    Great pictures. Takes me back and I hope I can get there again.
    Have a great time. Post some more if possible.

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    They are sik , or "white fish" , very much like grayling, they came out of the River Gloma.

    Spot on Nell, thats where it was.

    I got a bit of fishing and Beaver hunting on that trip [May], I have been lucky enough to hunt Moose & Reindeer in the past.

    I am hoping to have some Moose & Reindeer hunting and some grouse shooting [Ptarmigan, hazel grouse, willow grouse & capercaillie]for sale in the Hedmark area next year, if it happens it will be at an affordable price , hopefully !

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    Ooooh! The musk ox is lovely. I want one, or two ,or three. Was that a captive one, with the fence in the background? Shouldn't imagine they would be huge jumpers but could probably walk through one if the fancy took them.
    I once heard it said that if you wear a musk ox hide the temperature will not go below 4 deg C (inside the coat presumably) but that must depend on the heat of the wearer surely. anyway its a nice thought.

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    These were wild, I was with the local ranger, the rule is no closer than 200m, they never run, they charge

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