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Thread: Nightvision show by Scott country. Learned loads

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    Nightvision show by Scott country. Learned loads

    Good evening, went to the scott country nightvision show last weekend and had a great day, i have been looking to get night vision for a while now but didn't know which unit would suit me best, went to the show and learned loads, everyone there was so helpful and full of great advice, that was the people from Scotts country and also the speakers and other people having a look round. So after plenty of great conversations with which nightvision units they use and lots of recomendations i put my Deposit down now just waiting for delivery, can't wait.

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    I wish more of these events were centrally located. I appreciate Scott's country were the hosts in company of Thomas Jacks but jacks are in Warwickshire making it a little less of a trek for the southern Stalkers. It's just a little constructive feedback.

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    I was talking about this with one of the guys from Scott at the show and he suggested that due to the popularity that they may venture further south!

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    Wayne what did you get. And what made you decide on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikka 3006 View Post
    Wayne what did you get. And what made you decide on it
    Good afternoon,
    My original thoughts were to get a Pulsar 750 with an NM800 IR Illuminator, so basically i was looking about that 1500 mark.
    I was speaking to alot of people and about what rifle i was using and distances i was wanting. I would be doing most of the shooting between 100 to 150meters for foxes and i'm putting it on .223. After getting different ideas and having a good think. I put my deposit down for a Yukon Phonton 5x42 digital scope. Now the reasons why, when i go out there is 2 of us out shooting, so i'm also going to get a Pulsar recon with a NM800 IR Illuminator attached for spotting foxes which my mate will use and i will be using the Phonton on my rifle. This way we both have something to do when out foxing. For the distance i would be shooting to me it seemed like the Photon had a good picture at that range using the IR 400/800 illuminator. Like anything you also look at cost's, and this way to get all these units you are looking about 1000, that's 500 less than if i just got 750 digital scope+ NM800. I also want to do some Doe stalking this autumn so 500 will pay for a good few days out

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    I have the photon, and have the new nm 400 instead of the 800. The 400 is a smaller unit that has plenty of power for the photon setup. Make sure you get some good batteries for it tho as I have found the image goes a little funny if you use rechargeable batteries that are low on capacity.

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