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Thread: My first roe... or two

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    My first roe... or two

    On Saturday morning woke up early to drive down from London to Devon. All was going well until I came to a standstill of almost an hour on the M3. I finally got to Devon to meet up with Ian and Jo.

    Greeted into their wonderful hunting lodge. If you do not feel like a hunter in their lodge than it is about time you give up stalking /hunting altogether. The furnishings, décor and library all help to get you in the spirit of hunting.

    A cup of coffee later we went to the shooting range. Had a few test shots with my Mauser 6.5x55. Ian was happy with my performance. I also got the chance to test my first home loads. A-Max 140grain + Lapua cases almost a 1” group, Ian also helped me zero my new .22 Sako Quad. 1” group out of the box. The only problem was ejecting spent cases.

    Short of this little setback everything seemed great and building up to a great stalk on Sunday morning. Saturday evening we went for a Chinese in town. Excellent food but lots of scary people on the streets. By the way it was Halloween!

    When we got back we checked the weather forecast – torrential rain and gusts of winds! Could not have timed my trip to Devon any better! Needless to say by the early hours of the morning, the weather man was right. We still went to Tiverton in a heavy downpour.
    After a long stalk, the best we saw, was a desperate pheasant! This was my worst stalk ever. Not a single deer in sight! One can really say that there is nothing guaranteed on a stalk be it weather, deer or venison.

    Ian clearly understood and offered me to go on a stalk with Jo as he had another client booked for the evening. The day got brighter. We went back to the range and fired some test shots. The Sako was still playing up! We packed up early and prepared for the evening stalk in Axminster area. Again not a single deer in sight and dusk was setting in. Certainly not my day. Two stalks, get wet, long drive – better ways of spending money and the weekend. Jo’s right hand showed the stop sign and soon 3 fingers whilst pointing left. Could not see a thing until finally a white backside caught my eye. With the help of my Nikon binos I got the first glimpse of deer in 2 days. Three roe deer by the stream and it was their first day in season. I crouched down and followed Jo. She got me all set up in the kneeling position using sticks. She gave exact instructions which roe to take. My short barrel mauser launched a Federal powershok the 3 roe started to run because of the noise. Sugar I missed! Few leaps after, one roe just dropped not to move again. ‘Well done, excellent shot’ said Jo. Still I could not believe my eyes. I had to ask if the roe managed to get away. ‘Hush, they are coming back’ replied Jo. ‘Get your next shot ready. Wait for the right time’. The other roe started quatering until it presented for a decent shot. Bang and the deer somersaulted backwards for the final time. I prepared for the third shot but then Jo shook her head whilst stating that we would not be able to carry the deer back in one roe sack.
    We went to fetch the two roe deer through the stream. Jo did most of the gralloching. I carried both roes uphill. Exhausted but a huge feeling of content!

    What a fantastic weekend!

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    Hi Cerva,

    Just seen this and wanted to add my congratulations on a wonderful finish to your weekend.

    As mentioned, driving rain, howling wind + the joys of slipping and slithering through some of our steep Devon combes - all went to make for a dismal morning outing. Once the weather broke, it was the ideal time to get out again & take advantage of the knowledge the deer would be out and playing.

    Little Jo knows that ground like the back of her hand (Pheasant Sniper will remember that valley ) and will be forever grateful that you volunteered to carry the two carcasses up from the bottom. No small load!

    Once again, well done on underlining that persistance is one of the most important qualities needed in a stalker!

    I hope the grins in the photo say it all!



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    Congratulations Cerva, know their not easy to find now the weathers turned,two weeks ago couldnt go out without seeing does and followers i've been out 3 times since start of season and not seen a thing
    ATB Neil

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