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Thread: Building your own highseat

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    Building your own highseat

    Recently I've been trying out a few designs. Its a bit of an art where you must trade off cost, comfort, portability and ease of construction. Haven't shot anything off them yet but I've had quite a few animals come in close.

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    Take that big orange board off your face and they might come closer, looks like a good design with the roof section

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    Thats my German mate. He's worried Interpol are still looking for him

    He's design is too big, too heavy and you need a truck to cart it in. Mine fit in the back of a small hatch and one person can carry it in three pieces. As we don't hunt farmland fringes taking it into the woods is hard slog as everything must be done by hand.

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    Here's the design for the one on the left if anyone's interested in making their own.
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    Here's one I built with the lads for a local hunter education course with the design.

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    Here is a larger one I installed today with a roof. Height to the landing is 3.4m so its the tallest one I've built on this design and required some help from some SD members to push it up against the tree.
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