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Thread: Fallow with Sikamalc

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    Fallow with Sikamalc

    03.00 get up load up and push off to Malcs place
    finally arrive, after a longer journey then expected and getting lost didn't help
    out on the rather nice ground in search of the elusive Fallow (although we had seen a small group jump across the road in front of us.)
    after a good walk around with no sign of Deer Malc led us into a wood, towards a rutting stand, still nothing. On the way out of the wood though, Malc spotted a pricket mooching around, a quick set up, confirmation it was a pricket and BANG! one deer down.
    back to the Bothy and tea, with a wholesome breakfast cooked by mine host, then a day of banter and tea waiting for the afternoon outing.
    18.00 back out into the now constant rain, and a trip up into a well covered high seat to see what was coming out to play, sadly nothing showed its head and the rain just got heavier, by 20.00 even my S&B scope was struggling ,so time to call it a day.
    Back to the Bothy to pick up the carcass, and take advantage of Malcs set up to skin the beast (with the weather there was no way I was going to be hanging anything outside!) followed by a horrendous drive home through heavy traffic and heavier rain, with accidents on the M25 and miles of queues on the M3 it took not far off 3 hours to do an 11/2 hour journey
    once home the carcass was straight onto a prepared table and the dismantling began (hanging time? Pah! )
    02.00 Bed ahhhhhhhhh
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    Well done Kenny, cracking ground isn't it?

    Weather was shocking yesterday evening, not much showed where I was either.



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