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Thread: changes 2 FOR 1

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    changes 2 FOR 1

    hi fellers
    iam getting to the point in life that i don't feel i need two rifles that can do the same job yer i know .
    well i have a low round count SAKO 85 SS .308 and t8 mod that gets very little use had 5 outings and primer count says 367 rounds inc deciding on the best pills for it and scope changes since new plus proof house.
    and Jo'West's .243 RPA thumb hole hunter SS, that is a sweet as a nut this has two mods AUt8 and a 25x round hg4 . both would be sold as they are 17x1 spig, this rifle is proven to shot 1/2 moa with 85 hp's @100

    i was thinking of cashing them in and just having one cal? a 270 !! seems to shoot sweet and meets all the box's in the UK and Scotland and i still wish to be able to hunt boar in the UK ! so my first choice of a 6ppc is out don't like the 7.08 or i have't seen one that shoot's very good off the shelf sorry 7.08 boys .

    without bashing me what would you do !! remembering this is well over 4k's in rifles without mods and other bits, so i would be looking for around 3k selling price so what do you think! am i mad or just sell one of them ?
    thanks for you veiws

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    I think everyman should have at least 2 rifles 1 for fox and vermin the other for deer,trying to do everything with 1 rifle dosent do it for me as you also have an issue with scopes.
    so keep what you have got there not going to loose value

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    I have also thought of doing this, I have 3 calibres 243,260 and 308. Although you could probably get away with one calibre for vermin and Deer the thing that stopped my thoughts is what happens if you have a major problem with that one rifle in the middle of the doe/hind season? Not always possible to get a problem fixed quickly especially if its a scope to be sent away or riflesmith isn't very close.

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    I think you are opening a can of worms and will get too many personal preferences asking that question here, if that's how you feel then do it, we all know the 270's a legend and will do all you ask, dont forget 308 now ok for Boar in France! if your gonna do it why compromise may as well get a nice Sauer in 270 if vermin are on the menu again get a cheap gun for the job, no harm having slots on the ticket even if not filled.

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    I cant see why you cant manage with one c/f rifle,how often does a rifle or a scope goes wrong.....? you still need a 22lr in your armoury though......!
    I would have only 1 c/f rifle if I didnt do target shooting, some shooters have rifles like they are golf clubs,thats up to them though.nothing wrong with with doing that, I know some who are collectors, one has 10x308s
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    Hi fella
    I wish you luck with whatever you decide
    but you should have bought a Blaser one rifle then add as many or little barrels as you wish
    have a good day at the midland tomorrow
    ​ regards pete

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    There was a good answer, one rifle with several barrels, never thought of that pete

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    ive done exactly what your doing i had a .223 remington and a .308 sako sold them both and bought a brand new sako 85 in .243 and to be honest it works to a degree, i shoot 90gr soft points out of it and that covers me for everything i need to shoot. yes somtimes the .243 is a little to big for foxes and soft points are not the best ammo choice for foxing and i wouldnt be able to buy a day out on the boar if i wanted it but i still get by and to be honest it doesnt limit what i do, would i have another rifle if the money came up yeah but the same would be said for my car my house and just about everything else

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    same as you paul got two a cooper an a sako and neither in a calibre I want thinking to have one rifle for all 6br will do for me

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    ​There are also a number of switch barrel systems including Merkel, Mauser, Blaser, Sauer. I have a 243 Mauser M03, its a beaut! When I have the lolly I will be looking to get another barrel, which will involve buying a new mag (perhaps) a new bolt head (perhaps) and a new mod (if desired). If I go for a 308, then I only need a barrel and mod.

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