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    New to the site

    My name is john from Durham I am originally from Ireland moved to England in 1992 was brought up in the country and love all country sports shooting fishing and just being surrounded with beautiful land and experiences I shoot on a pheasant syndicate,stalking mainly in Northumberland,for roe just been shooting deer about 3 years, lamping foxes and some vermin control when I get a chance I have a beretta silver pigeon for pheasants, a browing maxus for pigeons and geese and ducks a sako 22 a sako 17 hmr and. A old Parker hale that I got from a friend of mine that had 50 shots through it and fell bad if I get rid ,that's all about me what do you do and where.
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    Welcome to the SD

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    Cheers prefix where are you and what do you do

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    I,m up in Scotland mate and I'm currently nursing my partner but I,m an ex-gamekeeper although I'm hoping to amend that one day in the near future

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    I have two days on the geese in November on the solway meant to be good anyway catch up another time as the wife is shouting for me to come to bed got a 6 week old baby no sleep at the mo that's why I went stalking this morning at 3.30am just to get some peace speak soon john

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    Hello and welcome to the site.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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