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Thread: Value of DSC 1

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    Value of DSC 1

    There have been a lot of posts on this subject, with many experienced stalkers questioning the validity of the qualification. Until very recently I had no intention of doing a course, as I had found a mentor to supervise me and the police had made the purchase of my rifle conditional on it only being used in the mentor's presence until such time as he would pass me as "fit for purpose" to allow me to use it by myself.

    About two weeks ago, following an unfortunate incident, my mentor and I had an acrimonious parting of the ways, which, according to the police, left me without a satisfactory reason for owning the rifle. They said I must either find another mentor or sign up for a DSC1 course within the week. I know there are debates about the legality of such a requirement, but I'm afraid I took the easy route rather than starting a crusade against the system and signed up for a course which takes place next weekend.This plunged me into two weeks of intensive revision, and I have to say that I have learned an awful lot, some of it of questionable real value no doubt, but all information I would have never bothered to acquire unless pushed.

    It was the subject of meat hygiene and carcass inspection which really prompted this post. While with my mentor I shot my one and, so far only deer, and as I previously posted, made a thoroughly bad job of it, missing the heart and shooting it in the stomach. I successfully despatched the animal, but obviously the graloch was very messy. As it was on the mentor's permission the carcass was his, and I went with him to the game dealer and watched him hose out the contents of the rumen and weigh the carcass in. Having read the training manual, I am now horrified at the potential spread of food poisoning I witnessed, but if I hadn't done the reading I would have assumed that this was the correct procedure for a fouled carcass. It seems that the loss of this mentor was a blessing in disguise.

    So. Although I doubt that the acquisition of a certificate which cannot include any practical stalking will make me a "Trained Hunter" in anything but name, I now think that the reading necessary for the course has been useful in many ways, as well as really interesting.


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    what you witnessed is wide spread , all you can do is be as clean as you can be and produce the very best venison you can .

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    In my experience though so many trained hunters come out of doing a dsc 1 with little or no clue of what to do in the REAL world and then try and then go on to leval two with perhaps a handful of deer under thier belt is this right ? My mentors and now mates have many many years under thier belts this is priceless and I learn new skills everytime I stalk with them .i am no expert but for me the dsc is loosing some credibility ,I think it is a good thing but I also think hunting with guys who are the real deal also has so much to offer .police making it a condition of a fac for deer also holds no water for me especially if you already have an fac !
    I learnt falconry under a mentor, I learnt to stalk under a mentor, I learnt keepering under a mentor ,it works for me probably because I hate exams and have always been a more practical person .

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    To a complete novice to stalking I've no doubt it's a worthwhile course , however what the police told you ( get the dsc or lose your rifle ) to me is wholly illegal!! Nowhere in the guidelines from the home office does it say this !
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Half the failures in DSC1 are "experienced" stalkers who think they should fly through of those that fail half of then fail on the targets.... says a lot eh?

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    I too was pushed towards the DSC1 by my FLO to obtain Deer on my ticket and completed the course in Jan 2012. And like yourself I have seen poor food hygiene standards being used. As for level 2 I think this is a more worth while qualification and I will at some point look to doing it. But as yet I still consider myself a novice/newbe even with 9 accompanied stalks 2 with no shot and 10 deer grassed in the other 7 stalks in the last 20 months, still so much to learn. And I know it dosnt mention it in the guide lines but I do think its a good thing in a way that some forces make people do it first. Lets face it Joe bloggs been shooting bunnies with his .22 rimfire for umpteen years and applies for .243, .270, .308 etc for deer, there is a big difference in bunny's and deer and not just the size. It give you a little knowledge to help you get started and makes you realize there's more to stalking than pulling the trigger. Shaun

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    Norma, I agree that there is no substitute for practical training, and I hope I can arrange something in the future, preferably with someone more fastidious than my previous mentor. I am still a complete novice, and intend to learn by my own experience and also from the experience of others more knowledgeable than myself, which is nearly everyone on this forum.


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    i will throw the cat amongst the pidgeons now and say many stalkers on here will have gut shot deer it happens it has to me ! Did i dispose of the carcase? Yes ! I ate it .did I die ? No !
    Would I take it down the game dealer ? No
    Just my opinion mate .if it happened again as it probably will I would unzip at the larder and wash out straight away even wipe out depending on degree of damage .then into the freezer for myself .
    good luck with your stalking chap .

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Just my opinion mate .if it happened again as it probably will I would unzip at the larder and wash out straight away even wipe out depending on degree of damage .then into the freezer for myself .
    The best thing to do with a known gut shot deer is to not even bother with a gralloch!
    If you can, skin it whilst it is still warm with the gralloch intact. Plug entry/exit holes with kitchen roll or similar). Slice down either side of the backbone and remove all of the fillet, shoulders and neck meat. Remove haunches at the ball joint. Chuck rest away - job done with minimal waste and minimal mess!

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    Exactly the right job MS, thats the way i would treat it, we have all misplaced shots anyone who claims to have had a perfect record from day 1 is telling porky's....

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