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Thread: Pulsar Digisight N550

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    Pulsar Digisight N550


    I know that this has been covered before but I'm interested on peoples current views on the following sight with the addition of a 940IR.

    I have been looking / thinking of NV for some time but can't justify the cost of a new unit. I do however shoot mainly @ night with the aid of lamps for fox with a .243. Reading various bits on the web I see, that a lot of N550's are put on RF and some comments are made on the limitations of one's fitted to CF for foxing. However I have been offered a N550 with a Pulsar 940 IR illuminator added for 500.

    Does the additional 940 IR push the range & aid id much ?? and to what extent ??
    Is the price as good as I think it is for a sh piece of kit?

    One of the permissions I have has always had some foxes, that I just seem to get a flash of eyes and they are gone, so are very lamp shy.

    Appreciate any views

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    Would the photon not do the same job as the 550. From what I understand the addition of a good IR source really makes a difference. I looked through the 750, photon and archer the other day, the 750 had the clearest image to me but the photon wasn't too far behind.......and at 399 it was too attractive an offer to pass up.

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    Thanks srvet,

    Yes, all to eager, to put up my post. Just read the thread below about night vision and it answered my question and some. Case of to much thinking and not enough looking.

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    I somehow suspect the value of the 550's may have dropped to below the cost of a Photon, but we will wait and see!

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    I have had a 550 for 3 years. I have a clusons lazerlite with an IR filter on it and the clarity of the image and the distance it allows you to see out to has to be seen to believed. I have welded up a little bracket which the lamp screws into, which clamps onto the rail on the side of the N550 all for a fraction of the cost of a new additional laser.

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    Just a heads up but Scott country have just posted a new YouTube video comparing IR filters with the Photon. Looks to be capable to 150-200 yards

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    Hi the adittion of a 940ir on the pulsar vastly inproves the image and range have been useing one for the last 2 years and in the right conditions can pick up wither its a fox or not at 250mts plus tho I have to say the new yukon photon is looking very tempting

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    I have been using a n550 with a 940ir on it for the past 18 months maybe 2 years.and its ok on foxes up to 100 yards shooting and 150-170 spotting.however after getting a nm800ir and a doubler its now good for 200 yards shooting which i think is more than enough at night.

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