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Thread: hi there

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    hi there

    a little bit about me
    well I work full pest control level 2 I am also a bird tech and do a lot of job work as in bird netting.
    I also run a marksman course for pest control companies and general public as a airgun safety course is built into it,I am also the preferred provider for rob Collins pass it on young sports, this means I check the safety of the ranges backstops and guns the position of targets as a safe position,
    I also do talks at schools about all the course contents.
    I also do a lot of hunting and take people out on my land too I have from rabbits pigeons foxes deer(muntjac) crows and rooks plus at the minute nearly 400 geese, so I have a nice bit of land too.i am now looking in to my deer stalking a lot more now,so all info on this would be great please feel free to pm me or post info over to me

    thank you all in advance

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    hi and welcome to sd all the best,. just be careful of advertising your self without trade membership. 10 per month or admin will give you a boot in the baws my boy.

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    Welcome to the site, well that's a nice little bit of self promotional advertising, please make it the last time. If you wish to advertise on here you have to become a trade member.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    thank you lads
    i'm sorry I didn't know I was I was just saying what I did and do that was all and I don't charge for taking people out on my land as its a way of helping people that don't have land sorry again if it seemed as if I was lads
    thank you for the heads up
    look forward to reading up on deer stalking and everything else

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