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Thread: new .243 rifle to buy - any suggestions?

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    new .243 rifle to buy - any suggestions?

    Up until now, I have been shooting roe with my .22-250 (I live in Scotland) although I have recently aquired some new land with larger species of deer and as such have had a .243 put on my ticket.

    I am looking to trade/sell my current .22-250 and buy a .243 instead.

    I know that everyone has their own ideas on what makes a good rifle for stalking but I was looking for suggestions on what models you use.

    I reckon I can afford about 550 for the rifle either new or s/h and then I will get a moderator on top of this at the extra cost.

    I know that sako and tikka are good but they are out of my price range and wondered are the likes of mossberg, browning i have seen on guntrader are like.

    Stalking is mostly walked up rather than high seats so lighter weights would be an advantage.

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    Get a HOWA mate. You won't regret it and about the right price range too. A lot of rifle for not much money although they do seem to have gone up a bit lately. You may struggle getting one too which should tell you something about them!

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    Not sure how far from Stewarton you are but Alex Dalgleish had a few .243's in.

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    Hello David,

    I have been using a 243 Steyr MKII prohunter for the last couple of years. Excellent rifle with first class safety system. Mine will shoot sub 1/2 inch with home loads and an inch with Norma factory . I have just purchased a 6.5x55 so it up for sale too, complete with ATec mod and Zeiss 6x42.



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    Continental Shooting Supplies have a Sako 75 for 600 in 243. Almost unused. At that price its a great bargain.

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    I got a brand new Remington 700 SPS DM in .243 for that price back in the summer. Admitidly it's my first rifle, so I don't have much to compare to but I'm very happy with it. Althought the stock is a bit flimsy, it's certainly very accurate, even with me behind the trigger!

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    for that sort of money you should be able to get yourself a new or nearly new cz. o.k. there not the worlds most refined rifle but they do shoot straight. if you can save up the extra cash tho and get the sako 75 jeffers mentioned i dont think you will regret it. i use one and it really is a very nice peice of kit.

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    for the sake of 50 get the Sako 75, you won't regret it

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    My first choice would be howa 243 sporter in stainless. Second would be remmy sporter, again rather in stainless. Had a howa and it is just a much smoother rifle than the remmy. I'm using a remmy 243 for vermin and deer at the moment. Very accurate but not as refined as the howa. Maybe remmys need a bit more fiddeling.
    If you have a choice rather get a wooden stock compared to the plastic ones, at least they are useable. Later you can always upgrade to a composite stock.


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    Have a look on guntrader. There is a browning a bolt composite, brand new for 515. Good rifles.

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