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Thread: Kingfishers in the highlands

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    Kingfishers in the highlands

    Not stalking related but while walking along the river peffery in Dingwall this afternoon after the football I observed a bird half a dozen times which was the same size and description of a kingfisher, striking blue plumage. Each time I was opposite it carried on up steam. This is a first for me as I've never seen one in the flesh before. I was wondering if any one else had seen spotted one this far north?

    ATB wallace

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    I've seen them on the Spey and Dee, but cant say I've looked for them further north as my fishing forays further up there were few and far between

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    A first for me Alan. Don't normally notice much with wee birds but its blue plumage caught my eye. Stunning bird though.

    ATB wallace

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    Have quite a few around here,30ish miles North of Aberdeen but cant say I have seen as far as Inverness but I don't doubt they are there.Hopefully they will have had a good year with no nests getting flooded with the dry spell and you cant mistake them when they go past.Like a luminous blue missile.

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    Few of them on the river Ythan (16 miles north of Aberdeen) but Id say that numbers are declining unfortunately !

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    I have seen them on the Glass regularly. They often favour the numerous bays found between Cannich and Struy. I too was surprised to see they were this far north. David

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    Cracking looking birds, there's one about the Caledonian canal in Inverness the past few weeks.

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    Nice to hear they are throughout the country, I watched one catching its dinner earlier in the year, if only i had such luck everytime i went fishing, & what a colour isn't nature a marvelous thing.


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    River Teith at Doune Castle seems to run a shuttle service on the Neon streaks.

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