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Thread: Extending length of pull on Blaser R8 - ideas?

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    Extending length of pull on Blaser R8 - ideas?

    Hi. I feel like my Blaser R8 fit could benefit from a longer length of pull but I am struggling to find thicker recoil pads that fit the R8. Any ideas?

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    Contact Blaser I saw somewhere they do pad extensions

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    Cheers. Will check with them directly. Not sure who has the distribution in the UK these days...

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    It's Blaser themselves now.

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    Probably cheaper to have arm shortened...

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    Ive got a few extension pieces for the Blaser Tac 2, not sure if they are the same shape as the R8.

    If you want i'll take measurements or photocopy one and email it you, should print out the same size...

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    This is what I used and it worked wonders it a limbsaver shotgun recoil pad.
    It was cheap 15 euro and I used a mouse pad as extra insulation on the interior. It wasnt for recoil but to increase the length of pull.

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