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Thread: 6.5 06

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    6.5 06

    My rifle is still at proofhouse, am well fed up now, not sure what the hold up is, I sent some sized cases, heads and reloading data, they must he able to seat the bullets somehow if they haven't 6.5 06 seater die

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    You could seat the bullets with a seater from a 270 just nead to be carefull . Just not crimping them . And if they wanted to crimp them they "should" be able to crimp with a 260 REM or 6.5x55 die . One just needs to use their brain and a little bit of a Rube Goldberg effect .

    Actually if you set the 260 or 6.5x55 seating die high enough to do the crimp hypothetically you should be able to seat the bullet with that die as well I would think !

    I just made dummy 8mm-06 and 338-06 using an 8x57 die to open 30-06 brass to accept the 8mm bullet and used a 338 Win Mag die to open the 06 brass to 338 . Used the 8x57 die to seat the bullet in the 8mm-06 case and seated the 338 bullet in that case using the 06 dies although that wasn't the way one would want to do it on a regular basis . But the dummy rounds looked okay !

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    No need to sell me on the 6.5-06 !

    Ever since I sold the Mauser actioned one I had I've wanted another !

    I am also getting a good bit intrested in the 8mm-06 .

    Am thinking a pair of Ruger #1B's would look great chambered for the pair or a pair of older Remington 700 LA's !

    And quite possibly a Blaser K-95 with two barrels . I would think that K-95 with those two barrels would work lovely for anything I would ever wanna do on the continent or the UK !
    And the only reason for the 8mm-06 would be wild piggies and moose in the Scandinavian countries .

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    Patience is a verture apparently, gone past that

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    I did hear that one way of getting a speedy return is to supply a few rounds of ammo, factory or handloaded. This gives them the option of just oiling a case and firing one of those, rather than making up a proof round specifically. The range of proof cartridges currently held in stock is probably quite limited now, judging by the number that have been sold off over the years.

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    This calibre is hand loaded only to my knowledge

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    This calibre is hand loaded only to my knowledge
    Actually the company A-Square legitimized it and the 338-06 . So I think atleast A-Square was loading factory for the cartridge .

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    Trouble is the proof house seems to be a law unto itself. My .280 AI ended up stuck there for ages as well.

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    I couldn't wait any longer, I rang proofhouse, my rifle is stamped and ready for collecting by my gun smith

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    i get a servant cert from a pal and make an appointment and take it and wait i also only give them an action and barrel saves on damage!

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