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    Hi everyone,

    A new member from Oxon area. Currently been game (pheasant) shooting for a couple of years and this year undertook fox control, at the local shoot, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking to gain FAC and purchase my own rifle for foxing and deer (at some point).

    Application for FAC submitted last week so fingers crossed all good for purchasing an early Xmas present for myself . .243 and .117 HMR on application. Jumped the gun (pardon the pun) and bought myself a scope of Ebay Swarovski 4-12x50 for a snip so hope I get the FAC!! - if not there is a cheap scope going!

    Hope to be able gain good advise and guidance from those willing to share it.


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    I have been shooting from childhood progressing via a rubberband pistol various air weapons, shotguns, numerous pistols and rifles held on both shotgun and FAC. I have experience shooting various game, vermin, targets and clay pigeons and still endeavour to improve. Having been instrumental in starting a successful clay pigeon club and currently act as secretary of a target club I beleive in actively encouraging all aspects of safe shooting.
    I find the exhilaration of a good shoot or stalk is very difficult to surpass.

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    Ricardo! About time you pitched up. Lots of good advice & articles to be found here.


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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks....already reading lots of interesting only problem is that it is very addicitve !!!!....need to ration myself!

    See you soon

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