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Thread: Sauer 101 or 202

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    Sauer 101 or 202


    Anybody have any comments on whether you get much more for your money buying the Sauer 202 over the 101?

    FYI - I am not interested in option to change barrels.

    Also, if you have the 101, do you rate it?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    A tricky question! I've owned 202s and reckon they are great rifles. These included Outbacks and 202 Elegance with high grade stocks. Clearly a wide price range but i always felt they were fair value.

    I subsequently changed to R8s as I wanted a switch barrel I didn't have to check zero or re-zero after a change. This is the case with the R8 provided you have a scope for each barrel.

    A few weeks ago I bought a 101 Synthetic stock in .308 for woodland work, clambering in and out of high seats and for the use of friends who wish to try stalking. I am delighted with the 101 and would recommend it as a high quality and accurate rifle for the money.

    You mention that you don't want/need switch barrel so I'd recommend that you go for the 101 unless you also want really nice timber. 101's timber stocks are generally pretty boring but the synthetic stock has a lovely feel.

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    Agree with above, but 202's are lovely. If you are after pretty wood, then 202, if you are after a workhorse then may as well be 101. If you are after both, go for a cheap second hand 202 synthetic, and buy my beautiful grade 4 stock in the classifieds to cover both bases and save a fortune on a new elegance!
    You won't go wrong with a sauer though, whatever you choose.
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    Its frankly difficult to compare them to me they are aimed at differing markets and price points akin to comparing a 3series vs. A 7 series bmw both superb in there own market. If your budget can stretch go for the 202 finish balance etc is in a different league. Still surprises me that people have a fear to use high grade rifles with wooden stocks. My father restores and sells english vintage guns which have seen a century of hard use and these stocks can be restored beautifully so get out there and use them i do.

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    Sauer....both those you mention are 1st class, wood or synthetic,makes no difference to functionality, see other threads on here for tech details, if u want 1 go to Ivythorne you will even get a test drive.

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    A Sauer 101 was named that simply because it is half the gun of a 202??

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    Recently had the chance to buy a nice rifle in .30-06 , looked at sauers , high end mannlicher s and went for a second hand mauser , they were all beautiful . And nothing really to choose between the two but you know how it is when you just see one you like . Picked it up last week and I was very happy with my choice .

    Theres a big difference between the 101 and the 202 , personally not sure why you would buy a 101 when they're the same price as a 202 second hand ! That said the synthetic would make a cracking alternative to a sako .

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    Thanks for advice gents. Gonna see if I can find a second hand 202, although just watched trailer on browning maral and want one of them as well... Need a winning lottery ticket this Friday.

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    Hi Pointer - interested in how you've got on. Did you try the 101, what did you go for?

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    Second hand does not necessarily presume anything is wrong with a rifle or shotgun.
    * Owner is one who just likes to buy and try.
    * He wants a different chambering
    * Has to have a magnum
    * Too much recoil
    * His friends convinced him his old Sauer / Mauser / Steyr / Winchester is obsolete
    * Owner just keeps things in the safe and gun rack, then decides to sel..
    * Illness, injury or financial hardship. I canceled a safari and sold off some big guns after I was in a car wreck.
    * Just too many guns, and decided to thin down
    * Not hunting much anymore
    * ( Currently helping a 91 year old gentleman sell of guns he will never use.. NIB M70 Supergrades, 101s,
    * Estate sale
    * Heirs who don't care about what guns Dad or Grandpa liked. They want a semiauto, or a new car.

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