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Thread: Multi fuel burner

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    Multi fuel burner

    Hi all. I would appreciate some help please. A friend of ours moved into a home that has a multi fuel burner but they want to get rid of it, so they offered it to us. We are excited about the prospect, but we really know very little about the process and who to contact about it. I guess we need a builder or heating technician to come over and install a flue through our chimney, right? Any idea how much these things cost? It needs some TLC as a seal (looks like it is made out of some rope like material) around the door is broken and will need replacing. I attach some pictures of the burner, just in case anyone can recognise the manufacturer or can give me some more information about heat output etc. Many thanks for your help in advance!Click image for larger version. 

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    Had a couple over the years, the seal is heat resistant so the doors close against the burner properly, they are very efficient and run on any wood even evergreen. I ran mine with a coal base then topped it up with wood throughout the evening. Best thing to do if nobody comes forward would be to go to a place that sells them, they normally sub out to guys who then instal them.

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    I assume you already have a fireplace with a chiminey ?
    I have read up a bit about installing one and as far as I understand it is recommended to have the chiminey swept first and then install wht they call a register plate.Basically a steel plate with a hole in it to accomodate the flue.The plate is fitted above the stove and the flue pipe goes up through it.

    I am not qualified to say this but its just what I have read on internet.
    If you google it loads of information

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    I think you will find that you must have a stainless steel flue liner fitted to the flue as well.


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    Hi mate give these a ring they are only in Carnforth so only around the corner from you 01524 720030 thheat there on the web.

    It's not rocket science fitting them. Cost normaly I reckon is around 300 fixtures and fittings. Get three quotes from firms, my mate did and two said don't need a liner other one said he did don't tell them you have already been quoted as they will probably ask their verdict and work in line with them.
    ​i no a few guys local to you who sell hard wood at good prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard S View Post
    I think you will find that you must have a stainless steel flue liner fitted to the flue as well.

    thats what the people who sell them will tell you but I do not think it is building regs as long as you have a class A chimmney but once again just my opinion and would need to be checked

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    Probably cost about about 500 quid for the job lot , the rope seal around the door will cost about a fiver to repair , they are well worth having my mum and dad have had one over 20 years and saves them a fortune when I buy a new house as opposed to renting I'll be installing one , ask around building and timber yards etc for scrap timber and save on having to buy wood , I did the same years ago and now get all our timber free
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    They aren't difficult to fit, you should be able to get all you need from (think that's what they're called) and I found them to b the cheapest. The fire rope comes in different widths so make sure you get the right one. Get the tubes of fire cement for joints.

    Use stainless screws where you need to and put vermiculite (a granular fireproof insulation) between the flue (fluen is fed in from the roof and make sure it is the correct direction - arrows up) and existing chimney, this makes the burner more efficient and stops any condensation. Put a bit of cement on top of the chimney to seal the gap between the flue and chimney then put on your weather cap.

    Use the smokeless tablets to check the seal by closing everything and letting the tablet fill the stove with the powder. Once you are happy there are no leaks open up and the draw should clear it immediately. Let the fire cement set before you light it the first time and make the first heat is quite low.

    Its worth getting a stove thermometer as you can knacker the stainless flues with too much heat and it means you can burn more efficiently, they only cost about 15 from evil bay.

    Just check your home insurance as some will require a certificate!! There are loads of videos on interweb to watch for instruction.
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    Fitted one myself to my last property. As has been said buy a stainless steel flue liner. Climb on roof and drop correct end of flue liner down chimney. Then fit register plate to 'roof' of fireplace in the house. Ensure that flue is well attached to register plate, (this will require a fitting kit) and that stove fits well wit register plate (fire cement will assist).

    Pour vermiculite down chimney between flue liner and chimney (ours was a two storey Lincolnshire cottage and we neded 6 cubic metres), then add the cap. The cap should be bolted in position so that it. An be removed for cleaning. If you have a friend locally who has fitted one before you can do it yourself in an afternoon. We found thehardest part was fitting the register plate and making sure the stove was level.

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    Forgot to say, building regs which an be found online state you MUST have a fireproof material, specific sizes which I can't recall but think the front is 300mm, around the stove. Just worth considering as the hearth can cost a bit!!

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