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Thread: Trying to contact

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    Trying to contact

    Hi all, does anyone know how to contact Tony Lascelles? He is a deer manager around the Lymington New Forest area who ran a syndicate. He has stopped answering emails and is no longer contactable via phone. I believe his name on this site was 'cervus'.
    Many thanks

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    No one can get hold of him! He has sadly got one hell of a S**T reputation around the area.
    Total weirdo if you ask me!

    No doubt he is looking at this site reguarly without logging in.

    *Please note these are my personal feelings only and should not influence any business dealings whatsoever* --- i thought I better write that caus he will probably try and sue me for slander!

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    There are a good few long standing members on here that have stalked with Tony on his ground..

    I was a syndicate member and he had some fantastic sika and fallow on his ground in good numbers..

    The more people i have met and spoken with has left me under no illusion that the so called eight man syndicate was probably nearer fourty

    The last i heard a chap was suing him for the return of his syndicate money and like everybody else i was just suddenly cut off.. No reply to numerous emails and phone calls..

    Bloody rude and ignorant in my opinion.. especially after being so keen to take my hard earned whilst it suited him..


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    I paid my money and got my agreed 6 stalks out of him but i put a good friend on to him and he payed 600 and has only got 3 stalks! Makes be look like a right tw*t and feel bad for my mate. Be interested to know who is sueing him and if he needs any witness testimony!

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    You might want to take a look at Airgun BBS and the Pigeon watch forums - i've seen a member by the name 'Cervus' crop up a few times recently - could just be some one else -

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    Cheers mate.

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    Contact " Doc Holiday" on pigeonwatch. Look at his profile and he comes from the New Forest. He had dealing with Mr. L and was going to take him to court to get his money back. Might be worth contacting him for the address or contact details.

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    Just to get those interested up to speed, my friend has received a phone call from Tony Lascelles who is most upset with the contents of these posts. He has told my friend that he has had serious health issues and that this is the reason he has not been contactable. He has promised to reimberse my friends' outstanding money in a series of post-dated cheques.

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    Post dated cheques (don't have a rubbing chin thoughtfully emoticon)
    They wouldn't be under the cheque guarantee limit these cheques by any chance
    If he wants to pay the money back just send one cheque, unless there is some reason he can't.


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    There are no unders but there are overs.

    Best get in quick as they all come to an end by 2011

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