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Thread: pleasant suprise from kent police

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    pleasant suprise from kent police

    fac application went in late june and finally turned up last week. Whilst this is not exactly fast from what I see on other posts, the contents were a good result:
    applied for 22lr, .243 & .308 , all with mods & exp ammo

    open certificate
    22lr, .243 & .308 , all with mods & exp ammo
    vermin on 22lr, fox & deer on the two larger calibres
    100 buy/250 hold on each of .243, .308, and 7.62mm
    500 buy/1000 hold on 22lr

    don't think I could have asked for / expected more...?

    collected a good value s/h left handed .243 fluted sauer 202/ t8 at the weekend, and now on the lookout for a good value leftie 22lr


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    Interesting "fox and deer" I thought all Constabularieshad moved on to "deer and AOLQ"?

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    Did you get open on your first application?

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    Well done Tony, have you had any conditions put on the cert at all? i too thought Deer & AOLQ

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    Glad you got what you asked for Tony
    From my experience Kent Firearms Licensing Team are a good bunch with a v heavy workload - hence the waiting time. It took mine nearly 6 months to come through so they must have done some serious work to bring it down to what you experienced.
    My FEO is a chap called Richard. Always helpful.


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    Agree - everyone I dealt with was very helpful in kent police
    Re open cert, i have had sgc for 4 years, and one of referees for fac was a guy I shoot regularly with.
    Have no other prior firearms exp (since 303 at school anyway), but have dsc1 booked for nov as well as monthly stalks booked throughout summer/ winter. Flo also mentioned that he had had a 'thorough' conversation about my suitability with my stalking mentor ( I had just been out on my first stalk when I had my flo visit).

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    Yes - open on first application, and no other conditions!

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    Fair play mate, good going.
    I only hope my application will be a smooth and with such a decent outcome.
    Any tips on hoy you swung an open on your first grant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    Well done Tony, have you had any conditions put on the cert at all? i too thought Deer & AOLQ
    I did actually request 'deer & aolq' based on all of the guidance I got from this forum - I guess I wont be shooting rabbits with !
    160 grain any time soon. ..

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    Good result Tony best of luck, you will try it one day seeing is believing !!

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