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Thread: Hungarian vizsla bitch and dog

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    Hungarian vizsla bitch and dog

    we are thinking of rehoming our 2vizslas. I am working longer and weirder hours just now. (Have done most of this year ) and dog keeping duties are falling more and more on Susan which isn't fair as she looks after Leigh 24/7.

    Ruby is a smooth haired bitch who is 9 years old. Responds well to the whistle and will retrieve well in water as well as out ;excellent excellent natured dog

    BO is a smooth haired neutered dog responds well to the whistle and will retrieve. Not as keen in the water .again he is excellently natured.

    Both are housed outdoors. They will make excellent family pets or walked up shotguners dogs

    homes will be vetted


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    I know a girl who has three Vislas and she donates thousands annually to Visla rescue. Do you want me to forward your post to her. She only last year imported a male fron Hungary that had been shot on the arse with a handgun and she has sorted the dog out.
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    I would be interested in this I'm a keeper so would be able to give them the work they need, are they ok medically

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    Yes both are medically sound. Ruby has a waxy ear that needs ckeaned once a week. Thats it

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    If u struggle to re home them let me know as I'm interested just don't want to over work a old dog

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    Hi, so sorry to learn of your situation, I work from home and also shoot a little. I just wanted to ask what age is Bo and if you were willing to separate them? Also we do have an outside kennel but may wish to have the dog in the house, is it house trained etc and teenage boy friendly?
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    Sorry , bo is 5 ,and friendlier dogs u couldnt wish for. They are not house trained as they have never been indoors

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    Sorry to hear about your predicament. I'll ask around as they sound great dogs. I'm tempted myself but my chessies just wouldn't tolerate them.

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